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How to set up a Private Wireless Gateway

Private Wireless Gateways 1

Step 1: Set up Cloud VPN

  1. Before you set up your Private Wireless Gateway you must create a network.
    • Navigate to the Network section of the networking menu in the portal. Select “Create Network”:
  2. Follow the Network Setup wizard. Set the Network name and click “Create”.
  3. Add a VPN Interface and create a name. Click “Create”.
  4. Wait for the resources to be provisioned on the Telnyx platform.
  5. Click “Next Step”.
  6. You will be asked to “Add a peer” for the VPN. Choose a name for your peer and click “Create Peer”.
  7. You will be presented with the configuration information for the new peer. Keep the Private Key private and store it safely.
  8. If you do not need to buy global IP click “Skip this step”.
  9. Now you are ready to create a Private Wireless Gateway

Step 2: Create a Private Wireless Gateway

Private Wireless Gateways 1

  1. Select the “Create PWG Interface” button in the Wireless section of the portal
  2. Create a name and choose the network created in the previous section of this tutorial. The Region must be the same region as that of the VPN interface. Confirm by clicking the Create green button.
  3. Accept the MRC change to create the PWG Interface
  4. Wait until the new PWG Interface has been provisioned and ready. The Status will transition from Provisioning to Provisioned. Depending on the server load, this can take up to a few minutes.
  5. You now need to create a SIM Group
  6. Choose a name for the group and click “Create”
  7. Edit the newly created SIM Group and scroll down to where you see the Connect PWG button.
  8. Press “Connect PWG” and select the PWG Interface previously created.
  9. It will take a few seconds to be provisioned and ready.
  10. You can now add your SIM cards to the SIM Group using the dedicated page SIM Cards.
  11. Either set them one by one by editing each SIM detail, or select from the list using the Bulk Action called “Managed SIM Cards Setting”.

Step 3: Create a Private Wireless Network

Private Wireless Gateways 1

  1. At this point, you can set up a network default gateway for the newly created Private Wireless Network: The Telnyx Network team must manually perform this step, which will be automated in the upcoming versions of the product.
  2. You now have the flexibility to specify which network destinations outside your private network are reachable by devices connected through the Private Wireless Gateway.
  3. Conversely, you can also delineate which destinations are to be blocked, enhancing the security and integrity of your network by preventing unauthorized access or data exfiltration to untrusted or potentially malicious external networks.

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