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Get all SIM cards



Get all SIM cards belonging to the user that match the given filters.


Query Parameters

    page[number] integer

    Possible values: >= 1

    Default value: 1

    The page number to load.

    page[size] integer

    Possible values: >= 1 and <= 250

    Default value: 20

    The size of the page.

    include_sim_card_group boolean

    It includes the associated SIM card group object in the response when present.

    filter[sim_card_group_id] uuid

    A valid SIM card group ID.

    filter[tags] string[]

    A list of SIM card tags to filter on.

    If the SIM card contains all of the given tags they will be found.

    For example, if the SIM cards have the following tags:

    • ['customers', 'staff', 'test']
    • ['test']
    • ['customers']
    Searching for
    ['customers', 'test']
    returns only the first because it's the only one with both tags.
    Searching for
    returns the first two SIMs, because both of them have such tag.
    Searching for
    returns the first and last SIMs.
    filter[iccid] string

    A search string to partially match for the SIM card's ICCID.

    filter[status] string[]

    Possible values: [enabled, disabled, standby, data_limit_exceeded, unauthorized_imei]

    Filter by a SIM card's status.

    sort string

    Possible values: [current_billing_period_consumed_data.amount]

    Sorts SIM cards by the given field. Defaults to ascending order unless field is prefixed with a minus sign.

    Example: -current_billing_period_consumed_data.amount


200: Successful response




  • Array [

  • id uuid

    Identifies the resource.

    record_type string



    value string

    Possible values: [registering, enabling, enabled, disabling, disabled, data_limit_exceeded, setting_standby, standby]

    The current status of the SIM card. It will be one of the following:

    • registering - the card is being registered
    • enabling - the card is being enabled
    • enabled - the card is enabled and ready for use
    • disabling - the card is being disabled
    • disabled - the card has been disabled and cannot be used
    • data_limit_exceeded - the card has exceeded its data consumption limit
    • setting_standby - the process to set the card in stand by is in progress
    • standby - the card is in stand by
    Transitioning between the enabled and disabled states may take a period of time.
    reason string

    It describes why the SIM card is in the current status.

    type string

    Possible values: [physical, esim]

    The type of SIM card

    iccid string

    The ICCID is the identifier of the specific SIM card/chip. Each SIM is internationally identified by its integrated circuit card identifier (ICCID). ICCIDs are stored in the SIM card's memory and are also engraved or printed on the SIM card body during a process called personalization.

    imsi string

    SIM cards are identified on their individual network operators by a unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI).
    Mobile network operators connect mobile phone calls and communicate with their market SIM cards using their IMSIs. The IMSI is stored in the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) inside the device and is sent by the device to the appropriate network. It is used to acquire the details of the device in the Home Location Register (HLR) or the Visitor Location Register (VLR).

    msisdn string

    Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN) is a number used to identify a mobile phone number internationally.
    MSISDN is defined by the E.164 numbering plan. It includes a country code and a National Destination Code which identifies the subscriber's operator.

    sim_card_group_id uuid

    The group SIMCardGroup identification. This attribute can be null when it's present in an associated resource.

    tags string[]

    Searchable tags associated with the SIM card



    The SIM card individual data limit configuration.

    amount decimal
    unit string

    Possible values: [MB, GB]



    The SIM card consumption so far in the current billing cycle.

    amount decimal
    unit string

    Default value: MB

    actions_in_progress boolean

    Default value: false

    Indicate whether the SIM card has any pending (in-progress) actions.

    created_at string

    ISO 8601 formatted date-time indicating when the resource was created.

    updated_at string

    ISO 8601 formatted date-time indicating when the resource was updated.

  • ]

  • meta


    total_pages integer
    total_results integer
    page_number integer
    page_size integer

default: Unexpected error




  • Array [

  • code intrequired
    title stringrequired
    detail string



    pointer json-pointer

    JSON pointer (RFC6901) to the offending entity.

    parameter string

    Indicates which query parameter caused the error.

    meta object
  • ]