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Fetch multiple recording resources


Returns multiple recording resources for an account.


Path Parameters

    account_sid stringrequired

    The id of the account the resource belongs to.

Query Parameters

    Page integer

    The number of the page to be displayed, zero-indexed, should be used in conjuction with PageToken.

    Example: 1
    PageSize integer

    The number of records to be displayed on a page

    Example: 10
    DateCreated datetime-iso8601

    Filters recording by the creation date. Expected format is ISO8601 date or date-time, ie. {YYYY}-{MM}-{DD} or {YYYY}-{MM}-{DD}T{hh}:{mm}:{ss}Z. Also accepts inequality operators, e.g. DateCreated>=2023-05-22.


200: Successful Get Call Recordings Response

404: Resource not found