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List recording transcriptions



Returns multiple recording transcriptions resources for an account.


Path Parameters

    account_sid stringrequired

    The id of the account the resource belongs to.

Query Parameters

    PageToken string

    Used to request the next page of results.

    PageSize integer

    The number of records to be displayed on a page

    Example: 10


200: Successful list Recording Transcriptions Response




  • Array [

  • account_sid AccountSid
    call_sid CallControlId
    api_version string

    The version of the API that was used to make the request.

    date_created datetime-rfc2822
    date_updated datetime-rfc2822
    duration TexmlRecordingDurationnullable

    The duration of this recording, given in seconds.

    sid TexmlSid

    Identifier of a resource.

    recording_sid TexmlSid

    Identifier of a resource.

    status string

    Possible values: [in-progress, completed]

    The status of the recording transcriptions. The transcription text will be available only when the status is completed.

    transcription_text string

    The recording's transcribed text

    uri string

    The relative URI for the recording transcription resource.

  • ]

  • end integer

    The number of the last element on the page, zero-indexed

    first_page_uri uri

    Relative uri to the first page of the query results

    previous_page_uri uri

    Relative uri to the previous page of the query results

    next_page_uri string

    Relative uri to the next page of the query results

    page integer

    Current page number, zero-indexed.

    page_size integer

    The number of items on the page

    start integer

    The number of the first element on the page, zero-indexed.

    uri string

    The URI of the current page.

404: Resource not found






  • Array [

  • detail string
  • ]