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Request recording for a call



Starts recording with specified parameters for call idientified by call_sid.


Path Parameters

    account_sid stringrequired

    The id of the account the resource belongs to.

    call_sid stringrequired

    The CallSid that identifies the call to update.


Starts call recording on a call.

    PlayBeep PlayBeep

    Default value: true

    Whether to play a beep when recording is started.

    RecordingStatusCallbackEvent RecordingStatusCallbackEvent

    The changes to the recording's state that should generate a call to RecoridngStatusCallback. Can be: in-progress, completed and absent. Separate multiple values with a space. Defaults to completed.

    RecordingStatusCallback uri

    Url where status callbacks will be sent.

    RecordingStatusCallbackMethod TexmlStatusCallbackMethod

    Possible values: [GET, POST]

    Default value: POST

    HTTP method used to send status callbacks.

    RecordingChannels TexmlRecordingChannels

    Possible values: [mono, dual]

    Default value: dual

    When dual, final audio file has the first leg on channel A, and the rest on channel B. mono mixes both tracks into a single channel.

    RecordingTrack RecordingTrack

    Possible values: [inbound, outbound, both]

    The audio track to record for the call. The default is both.


200: Successful call recording create response


    account_sid AccountSid
    call_sid CallControlId
    conference_sid uuidnullable
    channels TwimlRecordingChannels

    Possible values: [1, 2]

    Default value: 2

    date_created datetime-rfc2822
    date_updated datetime-rfc2822
    start_time datetime-rfc2822
    price TexmlRecordingPricenullable

    The price of this recording, the currency is specified in the price_unit field.

    price_unit TexmlPriceUnitnullable

    The unit in which the price is given.

    duration TexmlRecordingDurationnullable

    The duration of this recording, given in seconds.

    sid TexmlSid

    Identifier of a resource.

    source RecordingSource

    Possible values: [StartCallRecordingAPI, StartConferenceRecordingAPI, OutboundAPI, DialVerb, Conference, RecordVerb, Trunking]

    Defines how the recording was created.

    error_code TexmlErrorCodenullable
    track RecordingTrack

    Possible values: [inbound, outbound, both]

    The audio track to record for the call. The default is both.

    uri string

    The relative URI for this recording resource.

404: Resource not found






  • Array [

  • detail string
  • ]