You are billed on two things

  • The bytes stored
  • The count of API operations invoked


The minimum billable object size is 4 KiB. Here is an example — if you have two 11-byte objects in a bucket, they will be counted as 4 KiB each, i.e. 8 KiB in total. 

Storage consumed by each bucket is billed in multiples of 4 KiB, rounded up; Metadata counts towards storage consumed.

Every month, your first 10 GiB is free of charge. Any bytes beyond that are billed at $0.006 per GiB per month. Bytes stored across all buckets are recorded hourly. Usage is subsequently calculated and debited from your balance. 

Here is a hypothetical example:

  • You have a $10 balance in your account.
  • At time t , you uploaded 11 GiB of objects into various buckets in your account.
  • At the next whole clock hour after time t
    • a snapshot of your total storage is recorded as 11 GiB
    • your usage is calculated as (11 GiB - 10 GiB) x ($ 0.006 / 30 days / 24 hrs)
    • that usage is then debited from your $10 balance

API Operations

API operations are classified and billed the following way —

Categories Applicable API Ops Prices
Class A PUT, COPY, POST, LIST requests Every month, the first 1 Million is free of charge, thereafter $0.50 per 1 Million
Class B GET, SELECT, and all other request Every month, the first 10 Million is free of charge, thereafter $0.04 per 1  Million