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API Endpoints for Cloud Storage

Edited Nov 1, 2023

If you encounter issues on *, please change your url endpoint to * The original domain was incorrectly blocked by certain DNS resolver. We are working on resolving the issues. If you encounter no issues on the current domain, you may continue to use them.

EndpointsRegionAvailabilityS3 Compatibility

Refer to AWS S3 Compatibilty Matrix


Refer to AWS S3 Compatibilty Matrix


Refer to AWS S3 Compatibilty Matrix

Any of the regional endpoints can fulfill ListBuckets and GetBucketLocation API requests regardless of the location of each of the user’s buckets.

However, all other API methods need to be directed at the regional endpoint that the bucket is homed. Otherwise an error will be returned.

Hence, the user is advised to query the location of the bucket first and then form the correct regional endpoint for all subsequent API operations.