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Authentication with Telnyx Storage

At Telnyx, we authenticate user requests using API keys. You can view your API key (or generate new ones) in the Telnyx Portal. The API key is validated using our internal authentication service before actioning the API request.

This same process applies for Telnyx Storage. However, the format in which the key is passed in the API request differs from our other products.

Telnyx Storage requires passing an AWS Signature Version 4 authorization header in the API request. Telnyx Storage also requires that the Telnyx API key is substituted into the authorization header as the access-key-id. When an API request is made, Telnyx will parse the API key from the header, validate it, and then authorize the request.

The remaining components of the authorization header (date, aws-region, aws-service, secret-key) are irrelevant to Telnyx. These values, as well as the generated signature from the secret key are all ignored. They only remain in the authorization header to maintain S3 compatibility. As long as you are passing an AWS Signature Version 4 authorization header, and the Telnyx API key is substituted into the header as the access-key-id, the request can be authenticated.

An example is shown below, where {{your_telnyx_api_key_here}} is where you will substitute in your Telnyx API Key:

Authorization: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 

Note: After pasting the above content, Kindly check and remove any new line added

Authentication + S3 third party applications

A general rule of thumb when trying to use Telnyx Storage with a third party application is:

  • Access Key → substitute in the Telnyx API token
  • Secret Access Key → leave blank, or type something random in as a placeholder

If you have any issues connecting to or using a specific third party application, tool, or library, please reach out to customer support.

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