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Short Code

Short codes (common short code or CSC) are 5- or 6-digit phone numbers that customers can lease from the Common Short Code Administration. They're commonly used for password resets and alerts.

Setting up a short code

Customers can request a short code by contacting our Sales team. Once your short code message has been approved and certified by the major carriers, you'll see the short code listed under the messaging profile that you specified during the approval process. From this point on you can start sending and receiving messages just like you would with long codes.

For customers using SMPP binds, some additional information will need to be supplied. Please contact our Support team for more details.

Short code automated responses

Telnyx sends automated responses from short codes for the following purposes:

  • To pass carrier certification tests.
  • To send confirmation messages in response to opt-out requests.

Automated responses are generated by Telnyx in response to any of the following messages received by the short code:

  2. HELP
  3. OPT OUT (STOP and similar)

Once the carrier certification tests have been completed, the customer can choose to disable automated responses to 1. and 2. and instead handle those responses on their own. To do so please contact our Support team. Opt-out responses cannot be disabled, as the established blocking rule will prevent the customer from sending a response message.

Automated response messages will show up to customers as messages that were sent by them, they'll also be billed in the same way.

The content of the automated response messages is taken from the campaign approval forms.

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