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Bridge calls


Bridge two call control calls.

Expected Webhooks:

  • Call bridged for Leg A
  • Call bridged for Leg B


Path Parameters

    call_control_id stringrequired

    Unique identifier and token for controlling the call



    call_control_id stringrequired

    The call control id of the call you want to bridge with.

    client_state string

    Use this field to add state to every subsequent webhook. It must be a valid Base-64 encoded string.

    command_id string

    Use this field to avoid duplicate commands. Telnyx will ignore commands with the same "command_id".

    park_after_unbridge string

    Specifies behavior after the bridge ends (i.e. the opposite leg either hangs up or is transferred). If supplied with the value 'self', the current leg will be parked after unbridge. If not set, the default behavior is to hang up the leg.


200: Successful response

422: Error response