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List all outbound profiles


Returns a list of your outbound profiles.


Query Parameters

    whitelisted_destination_format string

    Possible values: [alpha2, alpha3, iso_numeric]

    Default value: alpha3

    Format of your whitelisted destinations.

    page integer

    Default value: 1

    Page number of results to load

    per_page integer

    Possible values: <= 1000

    Default value: 100

    Number of results per page

    filter[name] string

    Optional filter on outbound profile name

    sort string

    Available sort parameters are active, created_at, name, service_plan, traffic_type, and usage_payment_method. You may sort on any combination of these. Prepend a field name with a - to sort on that field in descending order.


200: Outbound Profile response

401: Unauthorized