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Create a conference


Creates a conference on demand from an existing call leg using a call_control_id and a conference name. Upon creating the conference, the call will be automatically bridged to the conference. Conferences will expire after all participants have left the conference or after 4 hours regardless of the number of active participants.




    call_control_id stringrequired

    Unique identifier and token for controlling the call

    name stringrequired

    Name of the conference

    beep_enabled string

    Possible values: [always, never, on_enter, on_exit]

    Default value: never

    Whether a beep sound should be played to existing participants when another participant joins and/or leaves the conference. Defaults to "never".

    client_state string

    Use this field to add state to every subsequent webhook. It must be a valid Base-64 encoded string.

    comfort_noise boolean

    Default value: true

    Toggle background comfort noise.

    command_id string

    Use this field to avoid duplicate commands. Telnyx will ignore commands with the same "command_id".

    duration_minutes integer

    Time length (minutes) after which the conference will end.

    hold_audio_url string

    The URL to an audio file to be played to participants joining the conference. Takes effect only when "start_conference_on_create" is set to "false".

    start_conference_on_create boolean

    Whether the conference should be started on creation. If the conference isn't started all participants that join are automatically put on hold. Defaults to "true".


200: Successful response

401: Unauthorized

422: Unprocessable entity. Can be caused by improper use of filters or nodes.