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Build and scale reliable cellular IoT products on a private LTE network.

Accelerate your IoT product launch with the tools and resources you need to build and scale fast:

  • Use our self-service portal to order and register SIMs in seconds, with real-time usage data on demand.
  • Embed connectivity directly into your applications with our intuitive RESTful APIs.
  • Explore our Developer Center for comprehensive API reference docs and step-by-step setup guides.

The Telnyx Wireless Data Modelthe-telnyx-wireless-data-model

SIM card groups resource allow for easy control of large quantities of SIM Cards. SIM card groups also provide insight into how much data is being consumed by a group of SIM Cards and empower you to set an upper bound for data usage via the data limit feature.

The SIM cards resource can be tagged for granular reporting and observability. This resource also contains info about recent sessions and are the parent object to OTA updates which can be used to control which network the SIMs will prioritize when attaching to a carrier network.

Telnyx Wireless SIM Card Groups

SIM Cardssim-cards

Telnyx SIM Cards have coverage in over 100 countries to over 500 networks. Our SIMs automatically switch to the best available network in each country. Telnyx also give you control over the network that you would like your SIMs to preference via our network preferences feature - you can read more about it here. Telnyx SIMs also have access to a range of network technologies from 2G to 4G LTE, plus 25 CAT-M networks across North America and Europe.

You can order a Telnyx SIM card via the Mission Control Portal. Once delivered, our quickstart guide will help you register your SIM cards to your Telnyx Portal account.

Telnyx SIM Cards can be transitioned to multiple states to help you take control and only pay for what you use. Once registered, the SIM can be disabled, essentially putting it into a “paused” state. You will not be able to connect to a mobile network in this state. Once a SIM is transitioned to the disabled state, the monthly cost will go from $2 to $0.20 and this state can be held for as long as you would like. If you would like to completely remove the SIM from the Telnyx platform, you can do so by decommissioning the SIM (using the DELETE method in the API). This will remove all charges associated with the SIM.

Telnyx Wireless SIM Cards Lifecycle

SIM Card Groupssim-card-groups

SIM card groups enable you to seamlessly scale your fleet of IoT devices with a high degree of observability and easy reporting.

Our intuitive SIM Groups UI allows you to set data limits on the aggregate data usage of SIMs in the group and provides visibility into the amount of data that the SIMs are consuming.


SIM Statessim-states

A Telnyx SIM card has two visible states: Enabled and Disabled.

You can find these statuses by logging into our online portal, clicking on the Wireless section on the left menu bar, and looking under the “Data Enabled” column located next to the ICCID of your SIM card.

Your Telnyx SIM card can be enabled and disabled infinite amount of times.

SIM State Portal Icon Explanation
Enabled This is notated by the green switch. In this state, your SIM card is active and ready to be used with your device.

You will be charged a monthly recurring cost and data charges in this state.
Disabled This is notated by the grey switch. In this state, your SIM card is inactive and will need to be enabled before use.

You will be charged a monthly recurring cost but no data charges will incur in this state.

Deleting a SIM Carddeleting-a-sim-card

Once the SIM card is deleted from your account, you will no longer be charged for that SIM card. The SIM card can be re-added to your account using the same registration code written on the SIM card.

  1. 1To start, log into your portal account and click on the Wireless tab.
    Wireless Tab
  2. 2Click on the "SIM Cards" tab and select the ICCID of the SIM card you would like to delete.
    SIM Cards Tab
  3. 3Click on the "Delete SIM Card" button and you're set!
    Delete a SIM card