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Zapier Integration

Setup Weather Forecast Messages

15 minutes build time || Difficulty Level: Beginner

Please note that this integration is still in Beta. Settings and functionality are subject to change as we work to improve the integration and onboarding process.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get started using Telnyx Messaging with Zapier.

Zapier is a service that helps automate work. You can set up certain triggers that launch preset actions. We'll walk through a simple setup process for both receiving and sending a message. To follow along, make sure you have signed up for a Zapier account (they're free!). Make sure you also have a Telnyx account and a messaging-enabled phone number. If you don't, take a few minutes to follow the Portal Setup guide to get started. Make sure to keep track of your v2 API Key.

In this tutorial we'll set up a Zapier Zap that automatically sends the weather forecast to your phone each morning via an SMS message.

Get set up with the Telnyx Integration on Zapier

Ensure you've signed up for a Zapier account and that you have at least one phone number that is messaging enabled before proceeding.

Follow this link to find the Telnyx Zapier integration and click the connect button to get started.

Make your forecast Zap

  • Make sure you're at the Zapier homepage. In the top right corner, click the Make a Zap! button.

make a zap

  • You should now be in Zapier's editing tool. From here, you can choose a trigger.

A trigger is an event that, when activated, will allow your Zap to move onto the action step.

  • For this example, we'll be choosing the "Weather by Zapier" trigger. Find it in the list of triggers and then click on it. If it's not already in your list of triggers, you can search for it.

  • Click on the "Choose Trigger Event" dropdown and select "Today's Forecast".

todays weather

  • Click Continue.

  • Enter Latitude and Longitude to make sure you're getting the right weather forecast.

Note: If you don’t know them, you can look them up by clicking the links below the Latitude and Longitude fields. This will redirect you to a separate website where you can look up your coordinates.

  • Click Continue.

  • Click Find Forecast to test your connection. If successful, you’ll move on to the Action step ("Do This …").

  • For the Action, we want Zapier to send us a text message with the weather forecast information from the trigger. Search for Telnyx in the app search field and then click on the Telnyx app icon to select it as the action.

  • Click Send SMS under the "Choose Action Event" dropdown.

send weather sms

  • Click Continue.

Integrate your forecast Zap with Telnyx

  • Click Sign in to Telnyx.

If you don't see your account, click Add Account to continue.

api key

  • Click Yes, Continue.

  • Return to the action step in your Zapier Window and click Continue.

  • For the next step, Customize SMS, enter the Telnyx number you'd like to send from in the "Source Number" field.

Note: The “send” number must be a messaging-enabled number associated with the messaging profile you've entered. You can find this in the My Numbers section of the Portal.

  • Enter your personal phone number in the "Destination Number" field.

  • For the Message Content, click on the "Insert a Field" dropdown on the right-hand side of the text field to add real weather information we pulled from the trigger. Add the weather updates you'd like to receive in the morning.

  • Click Continue.

Test your forecast Zap

  • Review the information on the next page. When you're ready, click Send Test to send today's weather summary straight to your phone.

Note: If your test was unsuccessful (returning an error message), return to the previous step and ensure that your Source and Destination numbers follow the proper number formats (including adding +1 before the number).

  • If your test was successful, click Done Editing.

  • Turn on your Zap.

That's it. You've just automated your first task with Zapier and Telnyx.

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