This is the API V2 documentation. To switch out of beta revert back to our API V1.

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Call Control

Call Control

The Call Control API allows users to control call flow.

Telnyx Call Control is enabled using Call Control Applications. You can set up several Call Control Applications to differentiate between use cases.

Outbound calls, initiated through the Dial and Transfer commands, are configured through an Outbound Voice Profile that must be created and associated with the application. The outbound profile allows you to initiate outbound traffic, and configure how that traffic is charged, managed and to which destinations it is permitted.

To issue Call Control commands, use our HTTPS API and authenticate using an API Key. Find out more about authenticating with API V2 here.

To receive Call Control webhooks, set the webhook URL on your Call Control Connection to a publicly accessible endpoint on your server.


Call Control Application Used to configure inbound traffic and authentication for one or more phone numbers.
Outbound Voice Profile Used to configure outbound traffic and billing for one or more phone numbers.
Webhook An HTTP callback used to notify your server that you have received a message.

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