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Request cancellation



Request the cancellation of a sub request.


Path Parameters

    port_request_id stringrequired

    Port Request id

    id stringrequired

    Sub Request id


200: Sub Request Updated


    id stringrequired



    Phone numbers associated with this port request

  • Array [

  • phone_number stringrequired

    E164 formatted phone number

    svtype stringrequired

    Service type of the phone number. '0' for wireline, '1' for wireless and '2' for VOIP

    carrier_name stringrequired

    Name of underlying carrier

    coverage_category stringrequired

    Possible values: [nanp_generic, nanp_toll_free]

    Category of phone number

    sub_request_id stringrequired

    Id of associated sub request

    sub_request_status stringrequired

    Status of associated sub request. If no associated sub request this field will be null

    portability_status stringrequired

    Possible values: [pending, confirmed, provisional]

    Specifies whether Telnyx was able to confirm portability for the rate center for this number

  • ]

  • foc_date stringrequired

    ISO 8601 formatted Date/Time of the FOC date

    status stringrequired

    Possible values: [unassigned, in-process, submitted, exception, foc-date-confirmed, ported, cancelled, cancel-pending]

    Status of sub request

    support_key stringrequired

    Key to reference when contacting Telnyx support

    phone_number_count integerrequired

    Number of phone numbers attached to this sub request

    underlying_carrier_names string[]

    Names of underlying carriers for phone numbers on this sub request

    foc_date_requested_by_user stringrequired

    ISO 8601 formatted Date/Time requested for the FOC date

    person_or_company_name stringrequired

    Person Name or Company name requesting the port

    auth_person_name stringrequired

    Name of person authorizing the port request

    billing_phone_number stringrequired

    Billing phone number associated with these phone numbers

    street_address stringrequired

    First line of billing address

    extended_address stringrequired

    Second line of billing address

    locality stringrequired

    City of billing address

    administrative_area stringrequired

    Two character state abbreviation of billing address

    postal_code stringrequired

    Postal Code of billing address

    country_code stringrequired

    ISO3166-1 alpha-2 country code of billing address

    created_at stringrequired

    ISO 8601 formatted date indicating when the resource was created.

    updated_at stringrequired

    ISO 8601 formatted date indicating when the resource was updated.

    default_connection_id stringrequired

    Identifies the connection to set on the numbers when the port completes

    default_message_profile_id stringrequired

    Identifies the messaging profile to set on the numbers when the port completes




    Options for the processing of numbers with your current service provider.

    type stringrequired

    Possible values: [partial, full]

    A port can be either 'full' or 'partial'. When type is 'full' the other attributes should be omitted.

    remaining_numbers_action stringrequired

    Possible values: [keep, disconnect]

    Remaining numbers can be either kept with their current service provider or disconnected. 'new_billing_telephone_number' is required when 'remaining_numbers_action' is 'keep'.

    new_billing_phone_number stringrequired

    New billing telephone numbers for the remaining numbers. This will be set on your account with your current service provider and should be one of the numbers remaining on that account.

    pin_passcode stringrequired

    PIN/passcode for accounts that have wireless type numbers

    account_number stringrequired

    The authorized person's account number with the current service provider

    description stringrequired

    Description of draft sub request

    tax_identifier stringrequired

    European tax identification number. Applicable only in the European Union

    business_identifier stringrequired

    European business identification number. Applicable only in the European Union

    customer_rating integer

    Once a sub request is ported, cancellation is requested or the sub request is cancelled, the user may rate their experience

    customer_rating_comment string

    A comment related to the customer rating.

401: Unauthorized

422: Unprocessable entity. Check message field in response for details.