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Cradlepoint IBR200 Cellular Router Setup Guidecradlepoint-ibr200-cellular-router-setup-guide

This guide will walk you through how to set up the CradlePoint IBR200 cellular router with a Telnyx SIM Card.


  1. 1A Telnyx Portal account and active Telnyx SIM card with data plan. Check out this Quickstart Guide to get set up.
  2. 2The Cradlepoint IBR200 device (as shown below).
  3. 3A Netcloud Essentials Cloud subscription is required for full functionality of this Cradlepoint modem. Without this, many of its features will be disabled. This guide, however, will walk you through basic connectivity which does NOT require the subscription.


Alright, let's get started!


  1. 1First, insert the Telnyx SIM card into your Cradlepoint device. The device only accepts the standard SIM card (the largest size from your Telnyx SIM card kit).
  2. 2Power on the device by connecting the device to its charging adapter.
  3. 3Open up your preferred web browser and navigate to This is the router's default gateway. You'll be prompted to log into the device. The default credentials are:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: the serial number located on the label at the bottom of the device.
  4. 4Click on "Connection Manager" tab.
  5. 5Click "Add".
    Click 'add' in your cradlepoint connection manager
  6. 6In this step you'll specify the WAN Interface Profile. Configure the profile as shown below:
    • Profile name: Telnyx SIM
    • Type: Modem
    • Leave everything else unchecked
  7. 7On the next page, click on "SIM/APN/Auth". In this step, you'll specify the APN to use with the Telnyx SIM Card. Configure the items as shown below:
    • SIM Card Lock: No Pin Required
    • Access Point Name (APN): Default Override
    • data00.telnyx
    Cradlepoint IBR200: Specify APN to use with Telnyx SIM
  8. 8Once you hit "Save" it'll take about 2 minutes for your device to receive connection. You can verify connectivity by heading to "Connection Manager" tab.

That's it! Your CradlePoint IBR200 cellular router is all set up with a Telnyx SIM card.

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