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How to configure Zoiper 3 with Telnyx Mission Control

Intro To Zoiper 3

Zoiper is a softphone client that can be downloaded and installed on different platforms; such as mobile devices or computers.

You'll need to have created a credentials based connection on your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account, assigned this connection to a DID and outbound profile in order to make and receive outbound calls. This provides you with the username and password you will use to register Zoiper 3 with Telnyx.

Zoiper 3 Prerequisites

  1. Download Zoiper 3 - You can download the classic Zoiper versions from here. This softphone client can be used on many different platforms such as linux, windows and mac!
  2. Zopier Installation - Instructions for installation on each platform can be found here.
  3. Configure - Telnyx Mission Control Portal

Once you've configured your Telnyx account, you can now proceed to setup Zoiper 3 following the guide below.

Zoiper 3 Setup Guide

Once Zoiper 3 is installed and downloaded, you can then proceed to create your VoIP account on your new softphone.


  1. As seen in the picture below, there is a settings drop down menu on the top right. Select this and choose create a new account.


  1. Select the account type as SIP and click next.


  1. Enter in the username and password you obtained from your

    credentials based connection
    you created on your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account.

    • User / [email protected] : username of your credentials based connection.
    • Password : password of your credentials based connection.
    • Domain / Outbound proxy: sip.telnyx.com.


  1. Click Next and then enter the name that you'd like to give this VoIP account on Zoiper 3.


Once you select next, the softphone will send a registration request to our sip proxy (sip.telnyx.com). If the username and password match your credentials based connection, the registration will be successful and you can then start to make and receive calls!

Support Resources

Still need help setting up Zoiper 3? Click the Live Chat icon at your lower right hand corner and start a chat!

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