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Request setting a SIM card to standby



The SIM card will be able to connect to the network once the process to set it to standby has been completed, thus making it possible to consume data.
To set a SIM card to standby, it must be associated with SIM card group.
The API will trigger an asynchronous operation called a SIM Card Action. Transitioning to the standby state may take a period of time. The status of the SIM Card Action can be followed through the List SIM Card Action API.


Path Parameters

    id uuidrequired

    Identifies the resource.


202: Successful Response




    This object represents a SIM card action. It allows tracking the current status of an operation that impacts the SIM card.

    id uuid

    Identifies the resource.

    record_type string
    sim_card_id uuid

    The related SIM card identifier.

    action_type string

    Possible values: [enable, enable_standby_sim_card, disable, set_standby]

    The operation type. It can be one of the following:

    • enable - move the SIM card to the enabled status
    • enable_standby_sim_card - move a SIM card previously on the standby status to the enabled status after it consumes data.
    • disable - move the SIM card to the disabled status
    • set_standby - move the SIM card to the standby status



    value string

    Possible values: [in-progress, completed, failed, interrupted]

    The current status of the SIM card action.

    reason string

    It describes why the SIM card action is in the current status. This will be null for self-explanatory statuses, such as in-progress and completed but will include further information on statuses like interrupted and failed.

    settings objectnullable

    A JSON object representation of the action params.

    created_at CreatedAt

    ISO 8601 formatted date-time indicating when the resource was created.

    updated_at UpdatedAt

    ISO 8601 formatted date-time indicating when the resource was updated.

default: Unexpected error




  • Array [

  • code intrequired
    title stringrequired
    detail string



    pointer json-pointer

    JSON pointer (RFC6901) to the offending entity.

    parameter string

    Indicates which query parameter caused the error.

    meta object
  • ]