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Update a room.


Synchronously update a Room.


Path Parameters

    room_id uuidrequired

    The unique identifier of a room.



Parameters that can be defined during room update.

    unique_name string

    The unique (within the Telnyx account scope) name of the room.

    max_participants integer

    Possible values: >= 2 and <= 50

    Default value: 10

    The maximum amount of participants allowed in a room. If new participants try to join after that limit is reached, their request will be rejected.

    enable_recording boolean

    Enable or disable recording for that room.

    webhook_event_url url

    The URL where webhooks related to this room will be sent. Must include a scheme, such as 'https'.

    webhook_event_failover_url urlnullable

    The failover URL where webhooks related to this room will be sent if sending to the primary URL fails. Must include a scheme, such as 'https'.

    webhook_timeout_secs integernullable

    Possible values: <= 30

    Specifies how many seconds to wait before timing out a webhook.


200: Update room response.

401: Unauthorized

404: Resource not found

422: Bad request