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Get rate center suggestions



Fetch up to 50 locations and ratecenters using the query parameter. Results will contain city/state matches first and then rate center matches.

Requires an authorization header or IP Auth setup through the portal.


Query Parameters

    query stringrequired

    Search term must be at least three characters long


200: Success. The response will be an array of CityResult and RatecenterResult objects or the NoResults object


  • Array [

  • state string

    two character state

    city string

    Locality of the city matched

    type string

    Either "location" or "rate_center"

    rc_name string

    Ratecenter name

  • ]

400: Bad request when missing query parameter or query length is less than three characters


    success string


    message string

    you must provide a query in order to get typeahead suggestions

    your query must be 3 characters or more to get typeahead suggestions

    reasons string[]

401: Unauthorized request


    error string

    Unauthorized request