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Retrieve a bulk number update request


Update multiple numbers at once with POST/origination/bulk_number_update_requests/.

Each number's status must be Active (4) or Port Pending (3).

Check the status of your bulk request and the error_messages property with GET/origination/bulk_number_update_requests/{id}. Note that only the properties you specified are returned in the GET.

New bulk requests are created in Pending status (1). They move to Complete status (2) after a period of time that varies with the size of the request. If for some reason they can't be processed within 15 minutes then they are moved to Expired status (3).

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes made to a number while a bulk request is pending can and will be overwritten when the bulk request is processed.

Additional note: All parameters are optional except for: ids_or_number_values. If you want to nullify a property then you should send an empty value for it. If you want to leave a property unmodified then you should leave its key out of the request.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    ID of the bulk update request


200: Bulk Number Update Request

401: Unauthorized

404: Resource not found

422: Unprocessable entity. Can be caused by invalid values. Check message field in response for details.