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List sub number orders


Get a paginated list of sub number orders.


Query Parameters

    filter[status] string

    Filter sub number orders by status.

    filter[user_id] uuid

    User ID of the user who owns the sub number order

    filter[order_request_id] uuid

    ID of the number order the sub number order belongs to

    filter[country_code] string

    ISO alpha-2 country code.

    filter[phone_number_type] string

    Phone Number Type

    filter[phone_numbers_count] integer

    Amount of numbers in the sub number order

    filter[include_phone_numbers] boolean

    Include the first 50 phone number objects for each sub order in the results. Note: use of this filter could produce unexpected results due to payload size.


200: Successful response with a list of sub number orders.

default: Unexpected error