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Create a new managed account.


Create a new managed account owned by the authenticated user. You need to be explictly approved by Telnyx in order to become a manager account.




Parameters that define the managed account to be created

    email string

    The email address for the managed account. If not provided, the email address will be generated based on the email address of the manager account.

    password string

    Password for the managed account. If a password is not supplied, the account will not be able to be signed into directly. (A password reset may still be performed later to enable sign-in via password.)

    business_name stringrequired

    The name of the business for which the new managed account is being created, that will be used as the managed accounts's organization's name.

    managed_account_allow_custom_pricing boolean

    Boolean value that indicates if the managed account is able to have custom pricing set for it or not. If false, uses the pricing of the manager account. Defaults to false. This value may be changed after creation, but there may be time lag between when the value is changed and pricing changes take effect.

    rollup_billing boolean

    Boolean value that indicates if the billing information and charges to the managed account "roll up" to the manager account. If true, the managed account will not have its own balance and will use the shared balance with the manager account. This value cannot be changed after account creation without going through Telnyx support as changes require manual updates to the account ledger. Defaults to false.


200: Successful response with information about a single managed account.

401: Unauthenticated response. Happens when the current user cannot be authenticated.

422: Unprocessable entity. Check the 'detail' field in response for details.