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Conference recording start


Start recording the conference. Recording will stop on conference end, or via the Stop Recording command.

Expected Webhooks:

  • conference.recording.saved


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    Specifies the conference to record by id or name



    format stringrequired

    Possible values: [wav, mp3]

    The audio file format used when storing the conference recording. Can be either mp3 or wav.

    command_id string

    Use this field to avoid duplicate commands. Telnyx will ignore any command with the same command_id for the same conference_id.

    play_beep boolean

    If enabled, a beep sound will be played at the start of a recording.

    trim string

    Possible values: [trim-silence]

    When set to trim-silence, silence will be removed from the beginning and end of the recording.

    custom_file_name string

    The custom recording file name to be used instead of the default call_leg_id. Telnyx will still add a Unix timestamp suffix.


200: Successful response upon making a conference command.

401: Unauthorized

404: Conference does not exist

422: Unprocessable entity