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Retrieve calls from a queue



Retrieve the list of calls in an existing queue


Path Parameters

    queue_name stringrequired

    Uniquely identifies the queue by name

Query Parameters

    page[number] integer

    Possible values: >= 1

    Default value: 1

    The page number to load

    page[size] integer

    Possible values: >= 1 and <= 250

    Default value: 20

    The size of the page


200: Successful response with a list of calls in a queue.




  • Array [

  • record_type stringrequired

    Possible values: [queue_call]

    call_session_id stringrequired

    ID that is unique to the call session and can be used to correlate webhook events. Call session is a group of related call legs that logically belong to the same phone call, e.g. an inbound and outbound leg of a transferred call

    call_leg_id stringrequired

    ID that is unique to the call and can be used to correlate webhook events

    call_control_id stringrequired

    Unique identifier and token for controlling the call.

    connection_id stringrequired

    Call Control App ID (formerly Telnyx connection ID) used in the call.

    from stringrequired

    Number or SIP URI placing the call.

    to stringrequired

    Destination number or SIP URI of the call.

    enqueued_at stringrequired

    ISO 8601 formatted date of when the call was put in the queue

    wait_time_secs integerrequired

    The time the call has been waiting in the queue, given in seconds

    queue_position integerrequired

    Current position of the call in the queue

    queue_id stringrequired

    Unique identifier of the queue the call is in.

  • ]

  • meta


    total_pages integer
    total_results integer
    page_number integer
    page_size integer

404: Conference does not exist