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Verified Numbers

The Telnyx Numbers API allows you to manage the verification of your non Telnyx numbers.

A phone number obtained from a different provider, not Telnyx, is referred to as a non-Telnyx number.

Although it is still supported by the original provider as it has not been transferred to Telnyx, you may wish to use it as the Caller ID for your outgoing calls made through Telnyx.

However, a non-Telnyx number obtained from another provider cannot be used as the Caller ID for PSTN termination outbound calls.

Only Verified Numbers are eligible to be used as the Caller ID for outgoing calls through Telnyx.

Telnyx offers two methods for verifying a non-Telnyx number: through the Mission Control Portal or the REST API.

This document provides details on the Verified Number API, which is used for the non-Telnyx number verification process.