Billing Groups


Billing Groups allow users to conveniently attribute the cost of Telnyx services to internl customers or cost-centers the user is acting on behalf of.

Currently, Billing Groups can be used with SIP Trunking - Origination and Termination, Call Control - Dial and Answer commands, and Phone Numbers.

Once a user creates a Billing Group, they can associate Phone Numbers with that Billing Group, so recurring charges and Inbound SIP Trunking calls will be associated with it. To mount a specific Billing Group on an Outbound SIP Trunking call, a user can set the Billing Group attribute for the Outbound Voice Profile in use. A user can dynamically override the Billing Group ID of an outbound SIP Trunking call by setting the Billing Group in the x_billing_group_id header in the SIP INTIVE command.

Billing Groups can be viewed, used for filtering, and grouped by in Usage Reports, Detail Reports, and Invoicing sections.