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Set up your account and organization to work for your business. The Account section of the portal can be used to configure your account information, account security, manage addresses, setup and manage your organization, subusers, and permission groups, and to configure managed accounts if you have the feature enabled.

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Account Information

This section allows you to enter in your personal details, and helps in situations where you require account verification, or when our support team need to contact you.

Note: Your account's billing currency can only be selected at sign-up. Once you have selected a currency for your account, it cannot be changed at a later time.

Account information

Account Security

In this section, you have the ability to edit your email, password and set up two-factor authentication by configuring the following options:

  • Security Passphrase: Your security passphrase helps to verify your account when you reach out to support, especially for any changes that need to be made. For example, if you want to cancel your account, you will be requested to verify your security passphrase.
  • Default PIN for Phone Numbers: This is for porting out purposes. Usually, legacy carriers require an account number (usually the phone number itself) and a PIN in order for the port-out to be processed on our side.
  • Email: This field allows you to change the email address associated with your account and used to log in. You will need to provide your current password in order to save changes to your email address.
  • Password: This field allows you to change the password used to log into your account. You'll need to enter your current password along with the new password.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): You can set up two-factor authentication either by using a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) application, or by sending a code to your phone number via an SMS or an automated phone call. This adds an extra layer of security to your account.


Organization, Subusers, and Permission Groups

Organizations have an owner (the original account creator) and can invite subusers to their organizations. Subusers have their own login credentials but do not own any resources in the Telnyx platform - all resources are owned by the account owner. The account owner can also configure permissions on a per-subuser basis. Permissions are managed on a per-permission-group basis. Subusers can be added to a permission group and will inherit the permissions configured in that permission group.

Useful Mission Control Resources

Available on the bottom left hand side of your account, you will see 4 useful resources that you can quickly access.

Another useful resource is our blog where you can read about the telecommunications industry and find tutorials and demos of our products in use.

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