This is the current API V1 documentation. Explore our API V2 if you’d like to test new features.

Sip Trunking

Instantly scale voice connections with Elastic SIP Trunking. Experience low-latency, jitter-free calling with no packet loss on our private Tier-1 network.

Elastic SIP Trunking from Telnyx is enabled using Connections and Outbound Profiles. Configure your connection as needed to set up an Elastic SIP Trunk for your PBX and start making and receiving calls globally.


Connections are used to configure inbound traffic and authentication for one or more phone numbers. A connection is needed to authenticate your client with our sip proxy (

  • You can choose between the following types of authentication:

    • Credentials (Username & Password): Inbound and Outbound
    • IP address: Inbound and Outbound
    • FQDN (Inbound) + Credentials (Outbound)
    • FQDN (Inbound) + IP address (Outbound)
  • Minimize latency by anchoring call media to a specific PoP in order to ensure your packets get off the internet, and onto the Telnyx private network as fast as possible. Choose your own PoP or allow us to determine the PoP with lowest latency.

Outbound Profile

An outbound profile is required in order to make outbound calls through the Telnyx Network.

  • Assign a connection to an outbound profile to enable full inbound and outbound connectivity.

  • You can configure your outbound profile depending on the traffic type that you expect to send over the connection. Choose between Conversational, Fax and High-Volume/Short-Duration.

  • Establish a service plan to telect where you want to be able to send calls, specifying allowed destinations, max daily spends and max destination rates to keep your costs under control

Additional Resources

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