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Telnyx Postman Collections

For convenience, customers can also click one of the Run in Postman buttons below which will automatically fork an API collection into your workspace to make API testing easier.

Note: Collections below do not inlcude the environment. So, please make sure you configured your environment using the instructions here before you fork the collections using below links.

Import Telnyx API

Import any/all Telnyx API collection(s) for Postman from the following list:

CollectionsRun in Postman
Phone NumbersPostman button 1
MessagingPostman button 2
ConnectionsPostman button 3
Outbound Voice ProfilesPostman button 4
Call ControlPostman button 5
Programmable FaxPostman button 6
WebRTCPostman button 7
Billing GroupsPostman button 8
WirelessPostman button 9
AccountPostman button 10
PortingPostman button 11
Number LookupPostman button 12
NotificationsPostman button 13
NetworkingPostman button 14
VerifyPostman button 15
DocumentsPostman button 16
DebuggingPostman button 17
Google Verified CallsPostman button 19
VideoPostman button 20
MediaPostman button 21
EmergencyPostman button 22

These buttons are also available in each API reference page specific to the product.

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