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Telnyx Node-RED

(aka @telnyx/node-red-telnyx)

AuthorOpenJS Foundation & Contributors



Node-RED is an open-source flow-based programming tool that provides a visual development environment for building applications by wiring together nodes. It was originally developed by IBM Emerging Technology Services and is now part of the JS Foundation.

Node-RED allows users to create applications and services by connecting pre-built nodes together in a flowchart-like manner. Each node represents a specific task or function, such as reading data from a sensor, processing data, making decisions, or interacting with external systems. Users can drag and drop nodes onto a canvas, connect them together, and configure their properties.

The flows created in Node-RED are executed by a runtime engine, which runs on a server or device where Node-RED is installed. The runtime executes the flow in a sequential manner, passing data between nodes as it progresses through the flow. The flows can be easily modified and deployed, making it a flexible tool for building and prototyping Internet of Things (IoT) applications, automation workflows, and data integration processes.

Start the journey

**node-red-telnyx **is the Telnyx powerful integration that allows you to combine the capabilities of Node-RED, a flow-based programming tool, with Telnyx, a cloud-based communications platform. With node-red-telnyx, you can create complex workflows and automate various telecommunications tasks.

node-red-telnyx can be integrated with other services and platforms through Node-RED's extensive library of nodes. You can connect Telnyx's communications capabilities with databases, APIs, messaging platforms, and IoT devices to build end-to-end automation solutions.

e.g., you can use node-red-telnyx to send SMS messages programmatically. This can be useful for notifications, alerts, or two-factor authentication (2FA) purposes. You can configure the flow to trigger SMS messages based on specific events or conditions.

To get started, sign up for a Portal account, then follow the steps in our quickstart guide to buy an SMS-enabled number.


The package needs to be configured with your MCP account's API key and some other details you can find in the Telnyx Mission Control Portal.


Both ways of sending SMS are supported.

  • Alphanumeric: Alphanumeric Sender ID allows you to set your company name or brand as the Sender ID when sending one-way SMS messages to international destinations. Find more information here
  • 2 - Way: You’ll need an SMS-capable phone number purchased from, or ported into, the Telnyx platform. If purchasing a new number, select the SMS number feature when searching. In general, numbers that are ported in will be messaging-capable. More about this here



Our team provides open source support in a best effort fashion, ensuring that we offer assistance and guidance to the community based on our expertise and resources. For support, we encourage users to reach out to us through the GitHub issue reporting platform of the node-red-telnyx repository, where they can report any issues or seek help with our open source projects.

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