The Telnyx WhatsApp API facilitates interaction with the WhatsApp Business API, allowing your business to integrate WhatsApp's immersive communication methods into your connectivity ecosystem. Integrating with this API will enable:

  • Inbound and Outbound WhatsApp messaging
  • Verifying destination number’s capability to receive WhatsApp message
  • WhatsApp media management, including images, videos, and audio files

To get started

Before you begin integrating with the WhatsApp API, you need to sign up for a WhatsApp Business account. Please log into your Telnyx portal account, go to WhatsApp page from the main navigation panel, and complete the steps there to create a Facebook Business Manager account and a WhatsApp Business account, and add a phone number to it. This process takes less than 2 minutes!

Note: During the signup process, you can also connect your existing Facebook Business Manager account and WhatsApp Business account with Telnyx for API usage.

After completing signup

  • Once you have completed WhatsApp signup, there’s no wait time to start using our API. You can immediately start sending and receiving WhatsApp messages with the first phone number in your WhatsApp account which is in unverified, sandbox status for 30 days. You also get 10 sample pre-approved message templates to initiate WhatsApp conversations.

Note: With the sandbox phone number, you can send 10 templated messages to a maximum of 2 numbers per day, and unlimited session messages to a maximum of 10 numbers per day.

  • While you integrate with our API, you should also start the verification process of your business with Facebook. This will require you to present certain documentation to Facebook so that they can check legitimacy of your business and approve your Facebook Business Manager account. The approval usually takes 1-2 business days and you will be notified via email about the change in account status by Facebook.

Note: This step is important to complete for you to have continued access to WhatApp Business solution.

  • Once you have a verified Facebook Business Manager account, your WhatsApp Business account(s) and display name of phone number(s) will automatically go into review by WhatsApp. You will be notified via email about the change in status by WhatsApp. You can also view the status of your account and phone number(s) in the Telnyx portal.

  • After you have received approvals on your WhatsApp account and display name(s), your phone number(s) will go into verified status. Please note that WhatsApp applies rate limiting on messaging while they monitor your sending practices and analyze your usage pattern and performance metrics. Due to this, Telnyx recommends that you gradually ramp your WhatsApp launch over the course of a week. Here are the WhatsApp rate limit tiers:

    • Tier 1 -> Limited to 1,000 unique message recipients per day
    • Tier 2 -> Limited to 10,000 unique message recipients per day
    • Tier 3 -> Limited to 100,000 unique message recipients per day

Note: New WhatsApp phone number is initialized at Tier 1. Based on volume and quality rating of messages sent, WhatsApp will automatically move you between tiers.

  • Lastly, you can create message templates by logging into your Facebook Business Manager account (Note: You’ll soon have the ability to manage templates from within the Telnyx portal). These will also undergo review and approval by WhatsApp. Please note that you can initiate a new conversation with a recipient on WhatsApp messenger only through an approved message template. After the recipient of the message replies, or in other words, after a user-initiated conversation, you can send free-form text messages and media messages in the 24-hour response window. You can read more about these message types here. Follow these steps to manage WhatsApp message templates:
    • Go to Business Settings → Accounts → WhatsApp accounts in Business Manager main navigation
    • Click the desired WhatsApp Business account
    • Go to the Settings tab, scroll-down and click WhatsApp Manager
    • Click Message templates.
      • If you have multiple WhatsApp business accounts, use the drop-down menu to select the WhatsApp account where you want to view/create a message template.

Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions, please visit WhatsApp FAQs page.

Use Postman

To play around with a few examples, we recommend a REST client called Postman.

Prior to the import, Please refer to this section of Postman Documentation to configure environment and learn more about utilizing Postman for Telnyx APIs.

Simply tap the button below to start using the WhatsApp API in seconds with a pre-made collection of examples.

Run in Postman


  • https://api.telnyx.com/v2/whatsapp_contacts
  • https://api.telnyx.com/v2/whatsapp_messages
  • https://api.telnyx.com/v2/whatsapp_messages/{message_id}
  • https://api.telnyx.com/v2/whatsapp_media
  • https://api.telnyx.com/v2/whatsapp_media/{whatsapp_user_id}/{media_id}
  • https://api.telnyx.com/v2/whatsapp_users/{whatsapp_user_id}