Use our video Client SDKs to:

  • Add real time video communication to your web and mobile applications

Use our video REST APIs endpoints to:

  • Manage your rooms
  • Manage room sessions
  • Control participants: mute, unmute, kick in a given room session
  • View a list of participants or details of a specific participant

Use Postman

To play around with a few examples, we recommend a REST client called Postman.

Prior to the import, Please refer to this section of Postman Documentation to configure environment and learn more about utilizing Postman for Telnyx APIs.

Simply tap the button below to start using the Video API in seconds with a pre-made collection of examples.

Run in Postman



Video Room endpoints

Video Rooms enables you to dynamically create and update Rooms, view a list of room sessions, and manage Room attributes like name, recording enable/disablement, webhook events URL, and maximum participant count.

Video Room Session endpoints

Video Room Session API endpoints enables you to view and end room sessions, view a list of room participants, and manage various participant controls such as mute, unmute, kick participants in a room session.

Video Room Participant endpoints

Video Room Participant API endpoints enables you to view a list of room participants applying various filters such as context, session_id, dates and more, and also a specific participant details.

Video Room Recording endpoints

Video Room Recordings enable you to view, delete a list of room recordings applying various filters such as room_id, participant_id, session_id,status, dates and many other filters or an individual recording.

Video Room Composition endpoints

Video Room Composition API endpoints enable you to create, view and delete a room composition. It allows you to set room composition properties such as resolution, video layout and also

ability to view a list of room compositions applying various filters such as session_id, status, dates and more.