Put the Telnyx API to work
Get real-time communications functionality through a modern API with no legacy infrastructure to tie you down. We put experimentation and rapid cycling of product development at your fingertips.

Search for numbers, buy and provision phone numbers using our RESTful API.

Simple setup with high deliverability‚ÄĒprogrammable messaging done right using our RESTful API.

Control calls using our JSON API.

Connect Telnyx numbers to your VoIP infrastructure with programmable SIP trunking.

Enable outbound calls by managing termination configuration via RESTful endpoints.

Leverage RESTful endpoints to check number portability and manage port requests.

Set up account-wide provisions like your Mission Control addresses via our API.

Generate usage reports, call detail records (CDR) and message detail records (MDR) on the fly.

Retrieve caller information using our RESTful HTTP endpoint or a DNS ENUM query.

Perform LRN lookups using HTTP, ENUM, SIP or UDP to retrieve numbering metadata.

Get routing data from the current local exchange network using our HTTP endpoint.

Network management through our JSON API.

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