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Retrieve an address



Retrieves the details of an existing address.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    ID of Address to retrieve


200: Address record response


    id stringrequired
    first_name stringrequired

    Address first name

    last_name stringrequired

    Address last name

    business_name stringrequired

    Address business name

    phone_number string

    Address phone number

    street_address stringrequired

    Address first line

    extended_address stringrequired

    Address second line

    locality stringrequired

    Locality (city for US addresses)

    administrative_area stringrequired

    Administrative area (state for US addresses)

    postal_code stringrequired

    Postal code

    country_code stringrequired

    2-digit country code

    address_book booleanrequired

    Default value: true

    indicates if the address should be considered part of your 'address book' or not; addresses that are in your address book are shown by default when listing addresses, those not in your address book are not. They can still be shown by using the include_non_address_book filter when requesting addresses.

401: Unauthorized

404: Resource not found