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Create an E911 address


IMPORTANT: In order to use E911 services, Terms of Service must first be accepted through the Telnyx portal.

Creating an E911 Address requires the address fields to exactly match E911 Service records. All capital letters, and no punctuation is generally sufficient. For example, '123 Main St.' would be entered as '123 MAIN ST' in order to be valid. If there is not an exact match, a normalized address will be returned for your confirmation, and the status field will indicate so.

If the address submitted is invalid, then the endpoint will return an error and a corrected address. The endpoint must be called again with the corrected address.

NOTE: Enabling E911 for a number is done via PUT/origination/numbers/{id}/e911_settings




E911 Address to add

    first_name string

    Required if business name not given

    last_name string

    Required if business name not given

    business_name string

    Required if personal name not given

    line_1 stringrequired

    Address first line

    line_2 string

    Address second line

    city stringrequired
    state stringrequired
    postal_code stringrequired


200: E911 Address created response

400: Bad request

401: Unauthorized