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Retrieve the messaging health of a 'TN'



Retrieves health information about the requested phone number.


Path Parameters

    tn stringrequired

    E.164 formatted phone number


200: Requested 'TN'


    record_type string

    Default value: number_health

    Description of the record type

    success boolean

    If the request was successful

    number string

    +E.164 formatted phone number

    number_type string

    Number type

    organization_id uuid

    ID of organization that owns the phone number

    message_count integer

    Number of messages used to calculate the health ratios

    inbound_outbound_ratio float

    Ratio of inbound messages to outbound messages

    success_ratio float

    Ratio of outbound messages delivered to messages attempted

    spam_ratio float

    Ratio of outbound messages marked as Spam to messages attempted

    available_products string[]

    List of messaging products available for the number