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View a fax



View a fax


Path Parameters

    id uuidrequired

    The unique identifier of a fax.


200: Get fax response




    record_type string

    Possible values: [fax]

    Identifies the type of the resource.

    id uuid

    Identifies the type of resource.

    connection_id ConnectionId

    The ID of the connection used to send the fax.

    direction Direction

    Possible values: [inbound, outbound]

    The direction of the fax.

    media_url MediaUrl

    The URL to the PDF used for the fax's media. media_url and media_name/contents can't be submitted together.

    media_name MediaName

    The media_name used for the fax's media. Must point to a file previously uploaded to by the same user/organization. media_name and media_url/contents can't be submitted together.

    to To

    The phone number, in E.164 format, the fax will be sent to or SIP URI

    from From

    The phone number, in E.164 format, the fax will be sent from.

    from_display_name string

    The string used as the caller id name (SIP From Display Name) presented to the destination (to number).

    quality Quality

    Possible values: [normal, high, very_high, ultra_light, ultra_dark]

    Default value: high

    The quality of the fax. The ultra settings provides the highest quality available, but also present longer fax processing times. ultra_light is best suited for images, wihle ultra_dark is best suited for text.

    status string

    Possible values: [queued, media.processed, originated, sending, delivered, failed, initiated, receiving, media.processing, received]

    Status of the fax

    webhook_url string

    URL that will receive fax webhooks

    webhook_failover_url string

    Optional failover URL that will receive fax webhooks if webhook_url doesn't return a 2XX response

    store_media boolean

    Should fax media be stored on temporary URL. It does not support media_name.

    stored_media_url string

    If store_media was set to true, this is a link to temporary location. Link expires after 10 minutes.

    created_at datetime

    ISO 8601 timestamp when resource was created

    updated_at datetime

    ISO 8601 timestamp when resource was updated

default: Unexpected error




  • Array [

  • code intrequired
    title stringrequired
    detail string



    pointer json-pointer

    JSON pointer (RFC6901) to the offending entity.

    parameter string

    Indicates which query parameter caused the error.

    meta object
  • ]