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Send a short code message


Send a short code message



Message payload

    from addressrequired

    Phone number, in +E.164 format, used to send the message.

    to addressrequired

    Receiving address (+E.164 formatted phone number or short code).

    text string

    Message body (i.e., content) as a non-empty string.

    Required for SMS

    subject string

    Subject of multimedia message

    media_urls url[]

    A list of media URLs. The total media size must be less than 1 MB.

    Required for MMS

    webhook_url url

    The URL where webhooks related to this message will be sent.

    webhook_failover_url url

    The failover URL where webhooks related to this message will be sent if sending to the primary URL fails.

    use_profile_webhooks boolean

    Default value: true

    If the profile this number is associated with has webhooks, use them for delivery notifications. If webhooks are also specified on the message itself, they will be attempted first, then those on the profile.

    type string

    Possible values: [SMS, MMS]

    The protocol for sending the message, either SMS or MMS.

    auto_detect boolean

    Automatically detect if an SMS message is unusually long and exceeds a recommended limit of message parts.


200: Successful response with details about a message.

default: Unexpected error