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Update stored Dialogflow Connection


Updates a stored Dialogflow Connection.


Path Parameters

    connection_id stringrequired

    Uniquely identifies a Telnyx application (Call Control).



The params expected to create/update a Dialogflow Connection for given connection_id.

    service_account objectrequired

    The JSON map to connect your Dialoglow account.

    dialogflow_api string

    Possible values: [cx, es]

    Default value: es

    Determin which Dialogflow will be used.

    conversation_profile_id string

    The id of a configured conversation profile on your Dialogflow account. (If you use Dialogflow CX, this param is required)

    location string

    The region of your agent is. (If you use Dialogflow CX, this param is required)

    environment string

    Which Dialogflow environment will be used.


200: Return details of the Dialogflow connection associated with the given CallControl connection.

default: Unexpected error.

Request samples

curl -L -X PUT '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>' \
--data-raw '{
"service_Account": "{\"type\":\"service_account\",\"project_id\":\"your-project-id\",\"private_key_id\":\"your-private-key\",\"private_key\":\"-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----n-----END PRIVATE\",\"client_email\":\"[email protected]\",\"client_id\":\"your-client-id\",\"auth_uri\":\"\",\"token_uri\":\"\",\"auth_provider_x509_cert_url\":\"\",\"client_x509_cert_url\":\"\"}",
"dialogflow_api": "cx",
"conversation_profile_id": "a-VMHLWzTmKjiJw5S6O0-w",
"location": "global",
"environment": "development"

Response samples

"data": {
"record_type": "dialogflow_connections",
"connection_id": "1234541231",
"conversation_profile_id": "a-VMHLWzTmKjiJw5S6O0-w",
"environment": "development",
"service_account": "****"