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40321 – No usable numbers on messaging profile

Number Pool could not find any usable numbers on the messaging profile.

40321 – HTTP Status – 409

Number Pool is not enabled, or it is unable to select a usable number on the messaging profile.

40321 – Causes

  • Number Pool is not enabled on the specified messaging profile.
  • The messaging profile does not contain any numbers.
  • Number Pool is configured to check the health status of available numbers (enabled by default), but none of the numbers is in a healthy state.

40321 – Solutions

  • Enable Number Pool on the messaging profile, if this is not already the case.
  • Add additional numbers to the messaging profile.
  • Disable the Number Pool health check feature.
  • Wait for numbers to return to a healthy state. It can take up to 24 hours for the state to reset.

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