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Get a dynamic emergency address



Returns the dynamic emergency address based on the ID provided


Path Parameters

    id uuidrequired

    Dynamic Emergency Address id


200: Dynamic Emergency Address Response




    id string
    record_type string

    Identifies the type of the resource.

    sip_geolocation_id string

    Unique location reference string to be used in SIP INVITE from / p-asserted headers.

    status string

    Possible values: [pending, activated, rejected]

    Status of dynamic emergency address

    house_number stringrequired
    house_suffix string
    street_pre_directional string
    street_name stringrequired
    street_suffix string
    street_post_directional string
    extended_address string
    locality stringrequired
    administrative_area stringrequired
    postal_code stringrequired
    country_code string

    Possible values: [US, CA, PR]

    created_at string

    ISO 8601 formatted date of when the resource was created

    updated_at string

    ISO 8601 formatted date of when the resource was last updated

401: Unauthorized

404: Resource not found

422: Unprocessable entity. Check message field in response for details.