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Quickstart for Telnyx Wireless

Your Telnyx SIM is data-only and comes with 10 MB of data to get you started. You can order your free Telnyx SIM card by visiting here . Once you have ordered your SIM card, please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

Instructions for setting up your Telnyx SIM

Once you have received your SIM card, follow the steps below to start using data.

  1. Go to our SIM registration page . SIM Card Registation

  2. Type in the 10-digit registration code located on your SIM card. YOu can add multiple registration codes using comma separation. wireless_sim_card_setup_screenshot_2

You can also do this programmatically via our RESTful API. Check out our documentation for Sim Cards .

  1. Click Register SIM.

  2. Now let's set up your device. Insert the SIM card into your device and configure the APN to the following:

    • Name: Telnyx
    • APN: data00.telnyx
    • Leave all other fields unmodified even if it's blank and save this new APN.
  3. Finally, enable data roaming on your device and you are good to go! a. Some devices may require you to reboot in order for the changes to take effect.

The Telnyx SIM has access to all network types and many different operators. As a result, it can take them a while to attach to a network for the first time. Once it connects to a network, that network will be added to the list of priority operators so as to ensure a fast connection going forward. Please note that the first attach can take up to 30 minutes.

APN Settings on Android Devices:

Navigate to your device settings using your dropdown menu.

  • Mobile Networks
  • Access Point Names
  • Click the 3 dotted icon at the top right and click "Add"

APN Settings on iOS Devices:

Navigate to your device settings by using the gearbox icon.

  • Cellular
  • Mobile Data
  • APN

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