Wireless Pricing

There are 3 components to Telnyx Wireless pricing:

  1. One time charge (OTC)
  2. Monthly recurring charges (MRC)
  3. Data usage

One Time Charge

Each SIM has a one time charge of $1. This cost is incurred upon ordering a SIM card in the Mission Control Portal. If the destination for the SIM card is outside of the US or Canada there may also be a shipping cost incurred here.

Monthly Recurring Charges

Once a SIM is registered and showing up in your Mission Control Portal it will incur a monthly charge of $2/SIM.

Note: This charge is reduced to $0.20/SIM for SIMs that are deactivated. You can deactivate a SIM by disbaling them in the Portal or using this endpoint.

Data Usage

Data usage is billed on a per MB (upload and download) basis and the data rate is determined by the location in which the SIM is in use. Data usage on Telnyx SIMs is billed at a different rate depending on the country of usage - this is determined by the MCC that is being used by the SIM.

Each country that Telnyx Wireless operates in is mapped to a zone. Data usage is charged for based on 4 zones. The zone rates are:

Zone Rate
Zone 1 $0.01/MB
Zone 2 $0.03/MB
Zone 3 $0.06/MB
Zone 4 $0.10/MB

Download the Telnyx Wireless mapping of countries to zones and their rates: Telnyx Wireless Zone Mapping

Telnyx Wireless Billing can be viewed here.