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Sixfab Raspberry Pi 3G/4G Hatsixfab-raspberry-pi-3g-4g-hat

This guide assumes that you have a fresh installation of Raspbian OS. Some parts of this guide were obtained from Sixfab's official tutorial websiteTelnyx Developers.

  1. 1First, let's make sure that the Raspberry Pi is up to date. You can do that by running the below commands:
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt rpi-update
  1. 2Next, we're going to obtain the required repository from the Sixfab quickstart script: wget
  2. 3Now let's take ownership of the script and install it. In this step, you may be prompted to enter an APN. Enter data00.telnyx as the APN and you are good to go!
chmod +x
sudo ./
  1. 4Reboot your device and then let's get connected.
  2. 5To get connected to the internet, navigate to the following directory: cd /files/quectel-CM
  3. 6Then mark the device as "online" with the below command. This tells the device to relay its initial "online" status message to the network. Once the network acknowledges the message, your device should obtain a valid IP address from the network; thus, have an internet connection.
sudo ./quectel-CM -s internet

If the device doesn't connect to the internet, this means that the device either doesn't know which APN to use or the Raspberry Pi has trouble communicating with the device. In this case, we are going to let the device handle the disconnect/reconnect process automatically.

To set up this auto-connect process follow this steps:

  1. 1Make sure the sixfab hat is connected.
  2. 2Obtain required repository: wget
  3. 3Take ownership of the script and install.
chmod +x
sudo ./
  1. 4Now, it will ask for an APN. Please make sure to double check the APN as a misspelling in this step may cause connectivity issues.
  2. 5Verify that the module is active and online: sudo systemctl status qmi_reconnect.service

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