Quickstart for Google Verified Calls

The Telnyx API enables businesses to enhance customer experience and engagement with their brand with Google’s caller ID feature - Verified Calls. When participating businesses place calls, Verified Calls establishes trust by confirming the identity of the businesses in real-time so the call-recipients can be confident that calls aren't spoofed. Call-recipients receive enhanced experiences with the caller's business name and logo, verification badge, and the reason for call, setting the ground for a successful engagement. Businesses that use Verified Calls drive higher call answer rates, improve efficiency, and increase customer confidence.


Before you can make calls with Google Verified Calls, you need to:

  1. Create a business identity with business information, address and details of point of contact from your business.
  2. Create a display profile with brand name, logo, phone number(s) and call reason(s), and associate a business identity with it. The display profile controls how calls from your business appear to the recipients of your calls.
  3. When ready, send a verification request for the display profile to start the process of getting approval from Google.
  4. You will receive a verification email from Google on the email address provided by you under point of contact in the business identity associated with the display profile. Please follow the steps outlined in this email to confirm your business information.
  5. Next, you will receive an email notification after your business information is verified and approved by Google. You will also receive approvals on the phone number(s) and call reason(s) added to the display profile.
  6. Now you are ready to start making verified calls!


  • Please ensure that the brand name and logo you provided during the display profile creation are correct. You cannot change them after a display profile is approved.
  • When sending an update request for display profile to add phone number and/or call reason, you must also include all the existing phone number(s) and call reason(s) in your request, since the request replaces all the previous contents in that field.
  • You cannot delete a display profile after starting the verification process.

Making verified calls:

  • Before placing a call to the recipient, please ensure to register the call using the call registration endpoint. Only registered calls appear as verified in recipients’ incoming call screens with branding information and a call reason.
  • Once the API call returns a 200 OK, you must place the call within 5 minutes of registering the call. Otherwise, the registration will expire and the call will not be verified.
  • Providing a reason for the call when registering call is optional.

Note: Only approved call reasons can be used during call registration. You must send call reasons that match (case-sensitive) exactly to that added in your display profile.

Logo Guidelines

  • Logo should be 500x500 px PNG or SVG, provided as a publicly available URL
  • In Verified Calls, logos crop to display as circles. Because images are defined as rectangles, you need to check that your logo crops to a circle well.
  • Space your logo equidistant from all sides of the image to make sure it displays properly and fully. When a logo takes up the entire height and width of the image, parts of the logo often get cropped out.
  • Unless your logo has sufficient contrast and recognizability on both white and black backgrounds, avoid images with transparencies.

Call Reason Guidelines

  • Use a maximum of 70 characters (including spaces).
  • The call reason should be generic and focus only on the reason for calling.
  • Don’t include PII, personal, or sensitive information.
  • Don’t include promotional content or anything that can be perceived as advertisement.

Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions, please visit Google Verified Calls FAQ page.