Configure an AudioCodes SBC

What is AudioCodes SBC?

AudioCodes is an Enterprise Session Border Controller (

), used to protect SIP-based VoIP networks.

Assuming you have your SBC already set up with your IP-PBX, with one or more clients configured and running calls between them, the following guide highlights specific configuration for use with your Telnyx trunk. We recommend reviewing the entire AudioCodes SBC guide here for full setup.

Step-by-step Guide

Video Walk-through

Coming soon! This walk-through will demonstrate setting up an IP based connection with AudioCodes SBC. We'll also show you how to assign this connection to a newly purchased DID which will allow you to receive inbound calls. Then we'll walk you through how to assign the connection to an outbound profile such that you can make outbound calls!

Configuring your Telnyx Mission Control Portal

Step-by-Step Guide

Take a look at our guide on setting up your Mission Control Portal. Once you've configured your Telnyx account, you can now proceed to setup AudioCodes SBC following the guide below.

Configuring your AudioCodes SBC using INI

Step-by-Step Guide

Your Mission Control Portal is ready to go, now all you have to do is configure your Telnyx Trunk withing the AudioCodes SBC systems.

Define your IP Group:

[ IPGroup ]
IPGroup_Description:  Telnyx 
[ \IPGroup ]

Define your SIP Proxy:

[ ProxyIp ] 
FORMAT ProxyIp_Index = ProxyIp_IpAddress, ProxyIp_TransportType, ProxyIp_ProxySetId; 
ProxyIp 1 = "", 0, 1;
ProxyIp 2 = "", 0, 1;  
[ \ProxyIp ]

Define Coders:

[ CodersGroup0 ]
CodersGroup0_Name:        g711ulaw64k 
CodersGroup0_pTime:       20 
CodersGroup0_PayloadType: 0
[ \CodersGroup0 ]

Depending on your requirements, you may need to set more configurations such as IP profiles and Routing.

Additional Resources

Review our getting started guide to make sure your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account is setup correctly!

Check out AudioCodes SBC full guide for detailed instructions

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