In this guide, you’ll learn how to get started with Telnyx Call Control within the Telnyx Portal. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a Telnyx account.
  2. Create an application to configure how you connect your calls.
  3. Buy or port a phone number to receive inbound calls, and assign this number to your new application.
  4. Create an outbound voice profile to make outbound calls, and assign your application to this new profile.

Sign Up for a Telnyx Mission Control Portal account

Head to telnyx.com/sign-up to sign up for your free Telnyx account. It’ll give you access to our Mission Control Portal where you can buy phone numbers, set up and manage Call Control Applications, and more.

Step 1: Create a Call Control or TeXML application

TeXML is the quickest way to build programmable voice applications in minutes using a simple XML data structure. Learn more, and build a basic text-to-speech app in just 5 lines of code, with our


  • Select "Call Control" on the left-hand navigation menu
    • Click Add New App to create an application to control calls via API.
  • Call Control and TeXML applications work by sending and receiving webhooks. For testing purposes, you can set the webhook URL to an endpoint you create at https://hookbin.com.
  • Don't worry about the other settings for now - you can always come back and edit these later when following our other tutorials. Scroll down and hit Save to finish creating your application.

Step 2: Buy a phone number and assign it to the application

You can search for, buy, and provision new numbers, or port existing numbers - all within the Numbers section of the Telnyx Portal.

Simply click on "Numbers", then either "Search & Buy Numbers" or "Port Numbers" and follow the prompts.

You can also do this programmatically via our RESTful API. Check out our documentation for number searching, ordering, and assigning numbers to connections or applications.

You can assign your new number to an application at checkout. Simply select your application in the Assign Connection dropdown.

Assigning your Number to a Connection or Application at Checkout

If you already own a number or have ported a number to Telnyx, you can also assign it to your new application from the My Numbers view in the portal.

Step 3: Create an Outbound Voice Profile

To build applications that make outbound calls, you must first create an Outbound Voice Profile and assign your application to it.

Select "Outbound Voice Profiles" on the left-hand navigation menu, click Add New Profile and set up your profile name. Add the application you just created above, specify at least one destination to allow for outbound calls, and hit Save to finish creating your profile.

You can also do this programmatically via our RESTful API. Check out our documentation for Outbound Voice Profiles.

That’s it! You're all set to start integrating Telnyx with your applications.

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