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Command Retriescommand-retries

User Applications may encounter the following situations:

  • 5XX Error: Telnyx actively monitors and alerts on the rate of 500, 501, 503, or 504 errors.
  • Duplicate Webhooks: Identical webhooks may occasionally be delivered.

How to use Command Retries for Better Reliabilityhow-to-use-command-retries-for-better-reliability

Telnyx carefully monitors the Call Control platform for 5XX errors, latency, and duplicate webhooks, and actively works to keep all of these to a minimum.

For added reliability, there are several steps developers can take to handle 5XX errors, latency, and duplicate webhooks, and automatically retry commands when such issues are encountered:

  • command_id: send a unique command_id parameter as part of your commands. The command_id must be unique for each command. We suggest using UUIDv4.
  • Retry on 5XX Errors: If your application receives a 500 error, immediately retry the command.
  • Retry on Latency >500ms: If your application fails to receive a HTTP response from Telnyx within 500ms, send an identical command.

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